Hall Hire

Questions about the hall

Can we have a bouncy castle indoors?
Our insurance will not cover a bouncy castle, however so long as the company you have booked with has public liability insurance you are then covered. We do not recommend you borrow one and use it as accidents can happen and you will not be covered on our insurance. Please make sure we know there is a bouncy castle at time of booking.
Can we have alcohol on site?

There are a number of options available, but in all instances contact MUST be made to our DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor) at time of booking to confirm which option you need.

  1. You supply and give alcohol away free during your event with no charge unless you wish to hire the glasses etc from us.
  2. You get an outside bar in to run the bar, a cost of £100 is to be made for the village hall to cover losses/glass hire/fridges etc.

Our alcohol policy is viewable here.

How long do I get to set up?

We recommend that you book the hall for as long as you need it, which should include set up and tidy up time. This avoids any disappointment that you can not get into the hall when you want to and allows us to book parties with set times booked. Please consider that there may be another party booking within 30 minutes of your booking.

What is the capacity of the hall?

There are enough chairs and tables to seat 120 people. If no tables out then up to 150 guests.

What tables and chairs are available?

We have 2 sizes of table available in the hall.

  • 16 large tables: 183CM x 68.5CM and 69.8CM tall.
  • 6 Small tables: 122CM x 68.5CM and 69.8CM tall.

These are stored on 2 moveable trolleys at one end of the hall for easy access and setup.

There are enough chairs to seat 120 people.

Outside Facilities

Questions about Outside Facilities

How much parking is there?

Our car park gets very busy at the weekends with sports on the field. Consideration is given to all users of our facilities and some sporting groups are informed of hall hires to allow space for all. We have had an overflow car park built, however parking is at times difficult, we recommend everyone parks safely and sensibly allowing maximum use of our car park. We can block off an area allowing space for hall hirers only providing we are able to do so.