VE weekend performance by the Land Girls – Sat 9th May

The Land Girls transport the audience back in time to the war years with an authentic show which begins with a dramatic blackout accompanied by a recording of an original air raid siren. Winston Churchill’s ‘fight on the the beaches’ fills the room setting the mood for a patriotic and impressive journey into times gone by.

The Land Girls perform all the best anthems from the 1940’s made famous by icons such as Gracie Fields and Dame Vera Lynn, all seamlessly combined with original recordings from news and radio broadcasts of the age, spitfires engine recordings, witty banter and instrumentals associated with the wartime years such as ‘It’s A long way to Tipperary’ and ‘April Showers .’

Perfect for any vintage, patriotic, corporate, Army, Navy, Air Force or WWII themed event. The Land Girls deliver a complete experience, performing in period costume, in front of a 1940’s themed backdrop.

Book your tickets now as they are selling fast!! 07847 764753

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