Works to the Village Hall

Been a busy couple of weeks at the village hall, firstly we have had new roller blinds installed by Acorn Blinds. They have been fantastic, fitting blinds around our hires so we haven’t had to let anybody down allowing all classes to go on as normal.


We opted for blackout blinds so we have the option to make the hall darker, maybe we could have a cinema night!! Send us your suggestions for films or any other ideas.


Today a group of RVH committee members have cut back hedges inside the park, removed all the weeds and thoroughly swept the playground and surrounding areas.


It was unfortunately the hottest day of the year (so far) but after three hours and about twenty wheelbarrows of weeds and leaves later its all looking much better.

New swing seats were also installed.

Its now ready for everyone to attend our fete on Sunday 2nd July and also for the summer holidays.

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