New recycled plastic benches and seating at Rayne Village Hall

Following a successful grant being awarded from Braintree District Council we were able to install a lot more outdoor seating whilst replacing previous items that were showing signs of aging.

Most importantly, all of this equipment is made from 100% recycled plastic and whilst we waiting for certification, it looks like we have prevented approximately 17,500 two pint milk containers from going into landfill !!!

We have replaced the picnic bench in the children’s playground area, whilst also adding a new large buddy bench. There are two new benches with play tops, and a new adult picnic bench located just outside the play area plus 8 new smaller benches replacing the wooden seating near the BMX track.

May we thank Gary Gosney and his team from GGC for the excellent insulation work and the wonderful volunteers from Rayne Village Hall Committee who not only won the grant, managed the project but were there to help with the installation.

New picnic bench in the playground
New Buddy Bench in the playground
New childrens picnic bench with snakes and ladders. Just find a couple of pebbles for counters and download a dice app on your mobile phone!!
New children’s play bench for cars
Adult picnic bench in the background
New replacement seating by BMX track

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  1. Mike Eldred Reply

    Great work by all on the Village Hall Committee. The benches look great.

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